Some of us don’t find the right person; at least not the person that we should be with. But, Love is Blind. We sometimes find that person that always makes you smile. But lies are always hidden behind a pretty face. We’ve all had bad  people in our lives, and we know they are damaging for us, but it’s bitter- sweet. We want them in our lives, we want to keep them cause we don’t know what our lives would be without them.




   Relationships aren’t easy. It’s like a puzzle, that person fits with you like a glove. But you can’t just put the puzzle piece that doesn’t fit. Like I said, it isn’t easy, especially if it’s a toxic one. Normally a toxic relationship would be that a person isn’t treating their partner right; or mistreating them. But it’s more than that. It’s about being emotionally, mentally and supportively there for your partner. So it’s important to be with someone that doesn’t make your life miserable and impossible. Relationships are complex and it takes time to learn from your mistakes. But once you find that right person, the puzzle piece, butterflies and rainbows are coming your way.

          Relationships are putting two complete different worlds together. Some of us like the other world we live in. But some of us don’t and we shouldn’t keep our emotions hidden because of empathy. We should put ourselves before others when it comes to relationships. It sounds selfish but it’s better than making one person your whole life to then be struck with the truth and end up heartbroken. Love is Blind; you make it see.